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Certainty. Confidence. Truth. Honesty. Good. Reputable. You may agree with me that investors look for certain qualities about a company, venture or other opportunity before they write a check or make a bank transfer to associate themselves – long-term or short-term – with the particular entity. They want some certainty, and they want to feel confident that the investment they are about to make is being made with honest folks who are going to tell them the truth in good times and bad. They want to invest their money with good people and a reputable company so that they are comfortable in knowing they will have best chance on getting maximum ROI (return on investment) from the money they spent.

If that company is Navan, not only will they get maximum return on their investment, but they will be comfortable in knowing that the package they will receive from Navan, which is essentially what is being purchased, contains some of the most beneficial and health-enhancing products available, and also exceeds the equivalent value of money invested to become a Navan member and distributor by at least twenty percent.

At this point, I am compelled to stop writing and share with you something I could not write myself even if I tried for a hundred years. It is a heartfelt, emotional, profoundly honest and unvarnished story I copied from my friend’s (and colleague) Facebook page and I just have to share it here to convey what so many others feel about Navan that cannot always be put into words. Kindly accept [Trusted friend]’s truth as follows.

A rebirth

March 24th (8:57 PM) Facebook post by my friend, Kent, about a fellow Navan member and distributorship owner. I did not request, nor have I received permission to copy and paste this content onto my site, but the benefit of sharing it far outweighs whatever displeasure my friend may feel towards me. Here’s the post in its entirety, untouched by me except to conceal the person’s name:

[Trusted friend], his two daughters, and stepson live in Marysville, PA. Just over a year ago, [Trusted friend]’s wife lost her battle with breast cancer. During her battle, [Trusted friend] said he poured everything he had in taking care of her. He told us, “Until the day she took her last breath I never gave up hope.”

After she passed, [Trusted friend] told us he needed find himself again, he needed find his purpose. He had lost more than his wife after she passed. He lost his health. He could no longer work at his job because of severe PTSD and anxiety. He lost himself. His whole life was centered around his wife and he needed to find his new path. A path where he could raise his daughters and his stepson. A path where he could get his health back, lose some of the weight he put on, and start the next chapter of his life.

Nothing happens by coincidence. [Trusted friend] was introduced NAVAN by a friend several months ago. He saw the potential to better his physical health and financial health, and a way help his daughter with her health and anxiety issues, so he dove right in. [Trusted friend] helped some of his friends get started with NAVAN, also! He’s quickly moved up in ranks, won several company incentives and says he’s starting to gain purpose in his life again.

[Trusted friend] is excited for the hope NAVAN has brought back in his life. He told us working from home with NAVAN, on his terms, without a boss, means he can be there for his daughter while she finds her new norm without her mother. It also means there is no limit to the amount of income he can make. [Trusted friend] has many plans for his financial wealth, one of which is to help support cancer research so that no one ever has to go through what he did by losing his wife.

That feeling of security, peace of mind and freedom all wrapped up in the step taken to grasp an opportunity.

doesn’t get any better than this!

Seeing is believing!

Words, when used to describe one’s feelings about a person, place or thing convey a degree of trust in, of or about the particular entity are not often seen in today’s business environment – especially those that are digitally-based; but I can – here and now – use such words when referring to Navan Global after many weeks of research about the company, as well as seeing first hand, a compensation plan that I know will return the full amount of a new distributor’s initial investment in the first seven to thirty-days when that new distributor follows the recommended steps set forth in the plan. Yes, within 30 days! I’d say that’s a credible ROI made possible by a never-before-seen incredible compensation plan (simplified version) from a most reputable company.

You may have noticed in my profile that I have been involved in a number of businesses throughout my professional life, and those businesses ranged from real estate associate to owner/broker of an agency during which time I was required to adhere to a strict code of ethics; so I have practiced such ethics for a period not less than 32 years – the duration of a combined real estate and mortgage lending career. Having practiced such a discipline for an extended period of time, I’ve also learned to recognize when it is being practiced by others; I’ve learned to recognize truth, honesty, goodness, credibility and trust. I recognize those attributes in Navan’s leadership and that is why I can guarantee you that the company stands behind its products and the promise to pay you every dollar you earn every week you earn it.

So come join us on this rewarding journey! Simply click this link, scroll down to the “Get Started” button, select the “Business Builder” pack (recommended) and proceed to obtain your own Navan Distributorship. There is a full support community available to help you grow your business each and every day. I hope to extend a warm welcome to you very soon.

Get ready the good is coming!

are you ready for the good?


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