Tip-top Shape

A fiduciary posture

If you’ve been involved in sales and marketing for as long as I have – approximately 40 years and counting – you’ll probably agree with me that the most important reason to involve yourself with any product, service, company or endeavor is to impact people’s lives in the most positive and beneficial way(s). There really is no higher calling in sales, and although some marketers and promoters give the impression which seems to contradict that high standard – or act in that way – such actions cannot change the long-standing philosophy of putting the interests of those we serve ahead of our own interests.

What does change, however, is the perception of consumers who too often view those violations of fiduciary responsibilities as representative of an entire industry, thereby creating a more difficult task for those marketing and sales professionals who truly practice the purest form of fiduciary relationships and, therefore, must work that much harder to penetrate implanted skepticism, and simultaneously reestablish the trust which is always a prerequisite for procuring the transaction that is needed in order for the consumer to derive whatever benefit he or she expects and deserves.

That having been said, let me begin this paragraph by recognizing a few undeniable facts with the help of Miriam-Webster’s Dictionary:

Essential truths

  1. Every claim, made without supporting documentation, is still only a claim; not a fact.
  2. Toxin is “a poisonous substance that is a specific product of the metabolic activities of a living organism and is usually very unstable, notably toxic when introduced into the tissues, and typically capable of inducing antibody formation.”
  3. Detoxification is a process “to remove a harmful substance (such as a poison or toxin) or the effect of such from; “to render (a harmful substance) harmless.” “In its earliest uses – from about 1905 – detoxify referred to the removal of poison, or of poisonous or damaging properties, from a harmful substance, or to the removal of poisonous or toxic substances from something contaminated (such as the bloodstream).”
  4. “Millions of years ago, natural zeolite deposits formed when volcanoes erupted [and] enormous amounts of ash–aluminosilicates of alkali and alkaline earths. … In all cases, the chemical reaction of volcanic ash and salt water resulted in the formation of natural zeolites.”
  5. “…Recently, a more specific application of one naturally occurring zeolite material, clinoptilolite, has been widely studied in veterinary and human medicine. Due to a number of positive effects on health, including detoxification properties, the usage of clinoptilolite-based products in vivo has increased enormously…” [1]

What is also true about most zeolites and the ability to detoxify human bodies is the fact that they are limited to the g-tract area only, and as such, cannot be transported through the bloodstream to other parts of an individual’s body; like the joints, liver and brain. Nevertheless zeolites of all forms and structure are considered among the most powerful detoxification substances on Earth and can also be used for other health-related purposes including “…agronomy, ecology, certain manufacturing, industrial processes, medicine, and cosmetics….” according to a study published to PubMed in November of 2018.

The zeolite factor

Before continuing about the detoxification and studies done on the healing qualities of zeolites, it is important to point out my reason for taking the time, putting forth the effort and doing the research required to write this article. It is because I believe wholeheartedly that the detoxification attributes discovered in zeolites are extremely beneficial to us humans and will become even more vital in a time of ever increasing toxins taken into our bodies as we eat our food and drink our water, as well as with every breath of air we breathe in on a daily basis. So while I may not be the only one sounding the alarm about these toxins and the way to combat certain autoimmune diseases, disorders and other similar illnesses that can result from ingesting them, discussing this critical subject seems an unavoidable task.

The variety of zeolites discussed so far – as powerful they may be in the area of detoxification – is not enough to detox the entire human body, as was pointed out earlier in this article. There is another, more powerful variety which is able to penetrate the cell membrane as a water-soluble solution and therefore can dissolve in the bloodstream and be delivered to all parts of the body, including the joints, organs and brain. Daily Detox plus is a uniquely developed form of zeolite-clinoptilolite which, due to “… remarkable ion-exchange and adsorption properties and consequent detoxifying effects, it has proven useful in the elimination of a variety of contaminants from the body…” [5] and can only be obtained from one source due to properties and a process deemed worthy of being protected in accordance with the United States patent law.

Daily Detox Plus is produced and distributed by Navan Global, a relatively new company introduced via a soft launch in November, 2019 followed by its official launch only 6 weeks ago on March, 2020 and based on the short time it has existed, may not be very familiar to most people in the US, much less the world. Currently, Navan Global does business in the United States and Canada and is expected to expand into other countries in the very near future. So this may be as good a time as any to tell you a little more about this company in the following manner.


MINT equity

Money – The currency with which members are paid for their promotional activities with Navan Global.
Inclusion – Describes the Navan Global policy as to who can qualify as a member. All are welcome!
Nutrition – The toxin removal, essential minerals, CBD-based products and other health rejuvenating supplements found ONLY at Navan Global.
Tax-relief – Tax deductions, reductions or credits available to small businesses and self-employed individuals as afforded under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. Navan Global members are Independent Distributors and, therefore, are considered self-employed individuals eligible to avail themselves of the many tax benefits afforded by the tax law.

Navan Global embodies the features, flexibility and support that an entrepreneur may be looking for in the form of a business opportunity. The company is solid in terms of financial stability, leadership, product quality, patent protection, compensation plan and integrity. I’ve arranged each link in the previous paragraph so that it would convey a different aspect of the company; but you should also know that the founder and CEO has a 25-year track record in corporate restructuring plus 15 years experience in the Direct Marketing Industry. In addition to a proven track record of knowing what it takes to be successful based on consistency of personal earnings in the Millions of Dollars category on an annual basis and the fact that this company is debt free, there is no doubt that Navan Global has been established on a solid foundation and its membership can be described as being in tip-top shape from a standpoint of physical and financial health.

But how would you know that for sure? And why would you need to know it? Unless it represents something of value to you or it could be made to represent some such benefit; and if either the former or latter is true it would probably mean that you will need to involve yourself in some way by doing your own research about the product and/or company, which I encourage you to do; because if you believe, as I do, that detoxification of the complete body is essential to a healthy, pain-free and robust life style, then seeking out and acquiring the best detox agent available has to be an urgent task that cannot be left undone.


I have done that research on my own and my family’s behalf, and we use Navan Global’s products every day and have been using the detox agent for the past 5 months. I believe we are toxin-free because we are free of disease and free of pain, and while that statement is not intended to be boastful – hopefully it’s not perceived that way – it is meant to demonstrate the additional health benefits that can be obtained through the use of zeolite-clinoptilolite that Daily Detox Plus embodies. That having been said, it is important to note that we are not medical doctors and therefore do not intend this to be any kind of medical prognosis, prescription or anything similarly related to medical advise.

If I say to you, “It works at the cellular level, what would you think I was referring to? And what would you think is the significance of anything working at the cellular level, or having to work at the cellular level? These are among the questions which have already been addressed by the developer of this phenomenal scientific breakthrough, Daily Detox Plus, Biochemist Rik Deitsch[2], Chairman and CEO of Nutra Pharma Corporation. Daily Detox Plus is distributed by Navan Global, the company with which I am associated as an Independent Distributor.

There is, however, more to what is being said in this article and for that you ought to hear it from the mouths of those who have benefited from the incredible healing properties of Navan Global’s product line. I’ve compiled a few of such stories on a page titled Of human interest, because I simply cannot put into words what these folks have shared, so I simply copied their accounts, verbatim, to this website for the benefit of our readers.



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