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The Play. Where have we heard these two words used like this before? Regarding a Broadway production? At a ballgame? In a movie like The Sting in which a con is being set up? Wherever you may have heard them said it was almost always about something special; it was a particular step or activity the conclusion of which would be delightful, enlightening or enriching.

If I say to you that by running The Play, you will be enlightened, enriched and delighted, what would you say to me in reply? Of course you would want to know what I’m talking about, or which brand or type of play I’m referring to. So here it is. Learn about my brand of The Play by watching the following video, following this link to the Navan page and then selecting the teal-colored “JOIN NOW” button to get started. Your free bonus will be sent directly from me (not the corporate company) via priority mail within 72 hours after your official sign-up to become an Independent Distributor. We need you on our team and in return for your acceptance of this offer we are prepared to give you full access to all the tools, resources and product line required to achieve success in your new business.


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Self-actualization is defined as, “the realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone,” and in the article, Self-Actualization: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs by Andreas Komninos, the following excerpt is has special relevance

Peak Experiences: These are experiences that display three core characteristics: significance, fulfillment, and spirituality. These intense psychophysiological experiences include joy, wonder, awe, and ecstasy, and in self-actualized people they are thought to be more common. These peak experiences are thought to produce invigorating feelings such as inspiration, physical and mental vitality, and a renewed sense of perspective.

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The above is an excerpt from Go Pro, a book by Eric Worre, TPN President & Co-founder; Author; Accomplished Trainer.

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