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We get to be ourselves and work with integrity. We do what we say we’re going to do. The feel of the community here is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Everyone is encouraged to be who they are and that starts at the top with our founder. Everything NAVAN stands for is answered prayers.

You only die once, so live every day!

i am so glad that I chose to join!

Emmet Z.: You live every day!

You only live once, they say. I might have to disagree just a little. My thoughts are you only die once; you live every day. It’s just how we choose to live it. I realize this more than ever now.

These last two years have been life-changing for my family and me. Two years ago, my wife of 14 years of marriage and 20-plus years of an amazing relationship, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. At that time, I found myself raising our 11-year-old daughter and still caring for her son (my stepson) alone while doing everything possible to get my wife healthy again. God had different plans, though. I never will question His decision, but He chose to take her to help Him in Heaven. January 2019, she lost her battle with cancer and joined our Father and left us here on Earth changed forever.

While dedicating myself to caring for my wife, making sure she would eat, rest, and have the best quality of life she could enjoy, I was also getting very sick and didn’t even know it. I gained a lot of weight. Some days, I couldn’t even walk up and down my yard without being winded. This was not me. I was always a strong individual, athletic, and could do pretty much anything. I couldn’t even get myself up to go to work, and I still had to take care of a family by myself. Enough was enough! I had to get strong and healthy again. I did not want my daughter to be an orphan. I wanted her to have her dad around for a long time.

I was determined to get my life back so that I could get my children’s lives back. Just over a year ago, I reunited with a friend I knew from high school who took me under her wing. Along with her amazing husband, they stuck by my side. I lost over 40 pounds, and the pain that held my health back started to fade away. So, of course, when she reached out to me to join an amazing company that she found, I jumped right on board. I am so glad that I chose to join her and NAVAN. Not only does NAVAN have superior products, but they also have superior individuals that are working around the clock to build a company, unlike any other. The support from the leaders and all of the individuals who sacrifice everything they have to help you succeed is something that I value.

Please take a moment to watch the beautiful tribute video to Emmett’s wife by clicking here.


Kendra B.: Inspired to share!

Kendra is a proud veteran!

she was inspired her to help others!

Kendra is a proud veteran, however, like many of those who have served, she suffered through poor physical and mental well-being after her service time concluded. Take a moment to listen to Kendra’s story here and learn how NAVAN inspired her to create a business helping others #makewayforthegood. Listen to Kendra talk about her experiences at the end of this link.


This is more!: Pam S.

This is more than just another company!

a movement on so many levels!

After a lifetime of chronic illness with no answers, Pam became overwhelmed and depressed. Praying for guidance, Pam found CBD and NAVAN. “This [NAVAN] is more than another product. More than another company or comp plan. It is a movement on so many different levels.” Listen to Pam talk about her experiences



Little did Annette know how impactful her decision would be!

Annette joined Navan. Steven thrived!

Steven H.: Took 2 gummies at bedtime


After experiencing a seizure and having a large tumor removed from his brain, Steven was overwhelmed with extreme anxiety from the medications his doctor had prescribed. Steven’s wife, Annette, joined NAVAN to generate an additional stream of income. Little did she know how this decision would significantly impact her family beyond generating income. Click the video and listen to Steven’s story!


She beat postpartum depression and anxiety!

Angela B literally rediscovered herself!

NAVAN made a change for the good – Angela B.


Angela literally won the battle against depression and anxiety. Listen while she shares her uplifting and inspirational story with you.


She didn't believe it at first!

all my skepticism melted away in Navan!

It seems Amanda’s destiny was to be with Navan!


Instead of telling her story in written content, Amanda preferred to say it directly to you in video form. Here she is!


Lee Ann D.: Navan doesn’t feel like work!

She saw the value in network marketing

navan is unlike anything i have seen!

Lee Anne lives in Nashville, TN with her husband, four children and one grandson . Three years ago, Lee Anne started in network marketing with a health and wellness company. About two years in, she started noticing some health issues that led her down a path of questioning ingredients. The lack of transparency the company had and a “nudge from God” eventually led her to walk away.

Lee Anne saw the value in network marketing but couldn’t find a company that aligned with her belief in transparent, quality ingredients, so she instead partnered with a startup athletic clothing company. Lee Anne made a lucrative income but told us…

It was a bit frustrating and it didn’t take long for me to realize it just wasn’t what I was hoping for and I started thinking all startups must operate this way. Then, a good friend introduced me to NAVAN. From the outside it all seemed wrong for me it was health products, and it was a newer company, both things I thought I didn’t want. But what I found was, NAVAN was different!

Lee Anne continued…

At first, I just wanted to try the products, I knew the power of detoxification and that excited me! I had tried other CBD products and had inconsistent results but purchased a kit anyway. The transparency at NAVAN is unlike anything I’ve seen. Third-party testing on every product and full disclosure of ingredients is not something common in network marketing. After using the products and having results that far exceeded my expectations, I got on a call with the founder. His simplistic real-ness was a breath of fresh air. In previous companies, I was always a ‘product sharer’ because there was never a clear road map on how to make an income. At NAVAN though, I can map out a path that gets people exactly where they want to go. NAVAN makes me feel like I matter and that’s something I want to be a part of and share with others.

Rona P is excited

It was time she did something fun...

passionate about her family’s future!

Rona and her husband have three children, two fur babies, and a hectic, exciting life with their businesses and children’s schedules. After 15 years of being a stay-at-home mom, Rona decided it was time she did something fun for herself and joined a network marketing company. It all started when she asked a fellow sports mom about a product she was selling at her son’s basketball game. Rona told us…

“I would buy the product at retail and one day just decided to buy one of the starter kits. I had no idea what I was doing, but after only four months, I had reached the second-highest rank status.”


Passionate about changing her family’s future, Rona watched those who were where she wanted to be and emulated them. Her fast success gave her the confidence to lead teams of thousands in finding their success. After two network marketing companies, Rona felt like it was time to leave the direct sales industry. She was very successful and helped many financially but didn’t feel like she was helping anyone with their health. She questioned ingredients and decided she was no longer interested in working the business model because of the lack of transparency and honesty.

Someone then introduced her to NAVAN and Rona told us…

I said no for six months! I wished I hadn’t but I wasn’t going to just join the next shiny object I saw. I had to be sure this was IT. I started learning about the mission and the principles that guide our leader. The respect and faith in the CEO and corporate staff I developed lead me to the notion that this company was going to the top of the mountain and I wanted to be able to help as many people get to the top as well. We aren’t a flashy ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ kind of place. No other company has the quality of our products. The company mission and compensation plan are so unbelievable that I think the products are sometimes overlooked, and these products are changing lives for many people!

Genel found her niche!

Deep and abiding love for people!

it is an honor to be on board!

Genel has been in direct sales on and off for the last 15 years as what she describes a “hobbyist,” coupled with being a stay-at-home mom. While learning about direct sales, little did she know, God had a plan for her. By trial and error, and the grace of God, she found her niche in the industry as a top recruiter and leader.

Genel told us…

A few months before NAVAN came on the scene I was approached by a couple of friends who asked my opinion about a different CBD oil company. They had THC in their products, which I have a moral conviction about, so after praying, I declined their invite. I had no idea a couple of months later God would answer my prayers using NAVAN.

She went on to say:

I truly believe being obedient to God and doing what He has asked me to do is the absolute best way to live. When my mentor introduced us to NAVAN I knew in my heart this was God answering my prayers and it is way bigger than anything I’ve ever experienced in this industry!! In just two months with NAVAN, I have become a leader and for the first time in my life, I can say I am PASSIONATE about being able to share a community of people who absolutely, in my opinion, love and care about their business partners leadership, customers and clients alike. It is an honor to be on board this rocket ship.

In closing, Genel said…

My team and I feel so free here at NAVAN. We get to be ourselves and work with integrity. We do what we say we’re going to do. The feel of the community here is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. Everyone is encouraged to be who they are and that starts at the top with our founder. Everything NAVAN stands for is answered prayers.

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