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Misti’s tears of joy story

Misti told us while fighting back tears of joy:

I’ve suffered most of my adult life in chronic pain and ALL of my life struggling with chronic fatigue. This lead to extreme social anxiety and living in my own shell, afraid to let anyone know me.

NAVAN’S CBD along with the Daily Detox and Restore combo has completely changed the whole trajectory of my life! There are no words to describe the transformation! I have become a person I never knew I could be. Everyday that goes by, I’m getting healthier…and I’ve noticed a HUGE difference in my mood and anxiety!! I can say with certainty, NAVAN has changed my life and I’m forever grateful.

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Amanda’s new grasp on life

Amanda is a recently single mom of two. She has lived most of her life struggling with an autoimmune disease that affects her connective tissue called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). Patients with EDS are also prone to anxiety and depression because their bodies can’t handle stress properly. To help fight the debilitating pain from EDS, Amanda found a CBD company and decided to join them. She said, “It did help, but I always felt like I was simply masking the symptoms and not getting a better quality of life.”

Last fall, Amanda was so sick she lived her day-to-day life in constant pain. She couldn’t walk upstairs, some days she couldn’t get out of bed, and she was ALWAYS fatigued. This became what she considered her “new normal.” Then a friend sent Amanda NAVAN’s Daily Detox Plus to try. She told us, “Within two weeks I was having fewer dislocations, less brain fog, I no longer needed braces, I no longer needed the KT tape and I had no pain! For so long I could barely walk and now I’m sprinting outside with my kids. NAVAN gave me the ability to be a mom again!”⠀

She went on to tell us…

I obviously had to tell others about what I had found and started building with NAVAN. After only five months with NAVAN, I advanced to a similar rank and income level it took me over two years to achieve in my previous company. The culture, compensation plan, and products are unlike anything else out there. People here feel empowered and encouraged. NAVAN offers so many tools, so everyone can be successful. People come here to heal in a place they can feel safe. My whole team is growing into better people and I just love watching the transformation.

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Yamel M. wants to help others

Yamel is a military veteran, wife and mother living in Florida. After a stressful period in her life, Yamel found herself with serious high blood pressure. Her doctor prescribed a few different medications with side effects that made her feel awful. She was lethargic and experienced weight fluctuations, but the worst side effect was the night terrors with flashbacks to her time in Iraq. “It felt like I was being deployed again.”

This eventually led to emotional challenges including depression and anxiety.” Yamel always liked the idea of network marketing, but said she found most compensation plans confusing and frustrating. Then Yamel saw a social media post from a mentor about NAVAN.

She [her mentor] had such great success in the past, in network marketing, but quit and said she’d never go back…EVER! So, when I saw something had brought her out of retirement, I knew I needed to be a part of whatever she was doing.

I didn’t even look into what NAVAN was, I just signed up! I knew if something changed my mentor’s mind after all the frustration she had in the past, it had to be something amazing. I knew nothing about Zeolites, I knew nothing about CBD, all I knew is that I trusted her. When my products arrived, I started using them right away. After about a week, I was sleeping better than I ever had since my time in the military!

But sleeping better wasn’t the only positive change Yamel experienced. After four weeks, Yamel’s doctor was able to decrease her blood pressure medications.

“I finally felt like I had my life back. I had no idea when I received a box of little glass bottles that my life was about to change so much. Building a business with NAVAN isn’t about just filling in volume or checking off a box as I felt in other companies.

I truly feel I’m here to help others see that it’s not ok to be hurt. People may come and go, but if they want to really change industry standards like we are doing here at NAVAN, then I know they will come.”

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Neil said, YES I can!

Neil and his wife Claire live in Las Vegas, NV. For most of Neil’s adult life, he worked in retail. He’s always had a “why not” mentality when presented with an opportunity, which Neil attributes to helping him quickly advance in his career. He has achieved high ranking positions throughout his career including Executive Vice President with Eckard (an American drug store chain), and then President of another company.

When Neil was introduced to network marketing he said it was different than anything he’d ever seen.

I saw others having great success, so I thought why not, and decided to give the business model a try. I have an adult daughter from a previous marriage and I didn’t get to see her grow up because I was always gone from 5 am until 7 pm when I worked a regular job.

Network marketing was great because it gave Claire and me the ability to be home while we raised our family. I was always the one to drive our younger children to school, it was great! But then the company was sold and I didn’t align with the new company.

I went back to a corporate job for the next 15 years. I had 60 employees, payroll, inventory, so many things were a reminder of why I left corporate America. Last year, I was finally able to sell the company and retire. I truly believe things happen for a reason because shortly after that I got a call from a friend who told me about NAVAN!

It wasn’t a ‘why not’ it was a YES can I get started now? To me network marketing is the best job around because it’s not a job, it’s something I love to build. It is the only business model that allows people to build, be successful and be at the top of their OWN business.

The products NAVAN offers are second to none. I spent most of my adult life looking into and researching health products for pharmacies. There are no products out there like what NAVAN has and no better opportunity. I encourage anyone looking at NAVAN to keep ‘why not’ in their mind. Why not help other people with NAVAN?

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Denise G.: It’s been wonderful

After becoming a mother at a very young age and then losing her husband after a motorcycle accident Denise told us she always thought of herself as a lost soul.

Denise has three daughters and while they were growing up she mowed grass, cleaned homes, waited tables, and made crafts to sell at craft fairs. She said college was never on her radar because she never thought she had what it took to be successful at anything. “I just did whatever I had to do to bring in whatever money I could to make ends meet.

After many years of this, I started suffering from chronic pain and didn’t know why but always assumed that it was because the jobs I did were always pretty physical.”

Denise went on to tell us…

Four years ago I was diagnosed with a connective tissue disorder that affects my joints. It was at that point that I stumbled upon network marketing. I was in a social media group where people were talking about CBD and I wanted to try it. After CBD worked well for my pain I wanted to share what I have learned with others but I didn’t know anything about network marketing. I just started telling others about my story.

After about nine months, I looked at what I had earned. And then I started looking at others who took building their business more seriously and realized I could make a significant income in the network marketing industry if I put forth more intention. I started working on my business but, more importantly, I started working on myself.

There is no other business that I know of that encourages self-development more than network marketing. I had built a pretty good size team, but we got to a place where we were stuck, really stuck. I became obsessed with trying to get over the hurdle for my team, but couldn’t find answers. Then I was presented the NAVAN opportunity by a friend. I didn’t want to listen at first, I wanted to continue believing that the company I was with was the best out there.

Something told me I needed to watch the NAVAN Monday night opportunity zoom with an open mind and I’m so glad I did! As soon as I started listening to the founder speak I knew this is where I wanted to be! I immediately researched the products and comp plan and it was everything that was lacking before. I knew building with NAVAN was going to be good but I had no idea how good! The community we have is phenomenal, we don’t have limiting beliefs here and we build each other up.

It’s been so wonderful for my team and me! NAVAN is now our forever home and it’s a place where we are all winning. Best of all, I can really go after my dreams here. NAVAN has such great tools and duplication. It helps paint a vision for everyone and gives us the vehicle to get to where it is we want to go!

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Her story – Stephanie O.

Stephanie, her husband, and their two children live in Fresno, CA. After a series of very unfortunate events, they lost their home, their car and had to borrow an RV to live in on a family member’s land.

Stephanie told us…

My husband was making minimum wage and we were barely living paycheck to paycheck. I started battling depression and anxiety and was looking for a way out. I was shown the network marketing industry and worked very hard but never saw the success others had. I felt like a fraud while I was there like I needed to shower the “ick” off of me. I stopped going to church because I was ignoring what I was turning into.

I had to fit into a mold of someone I wasn’t but I was stuck there because I needed money to get out of the place my family was in financially. I kept working hard but then the company lost all transparency. The corporate staff was let go, back-office platforms were changed, company incentives weren’t paid out and winners were blocked from their back-offices and company social media pages. It was a nightmare and I felt broken. I fell to my knees and started to pray, asking for a new door to open, praying for some kind of miracle.


Stephanie continued…

And then, my prayers were answered. I was shown NAVAN! What I saw here was everything I never had before. A place filled with love and support, where I could be myself and be proud of who I am. A place where I am encouraged to be my authentic self and don’t have to hide my faith! No one had ever partnered with me in business before, with NAVAN, three people joined me within my first month and started their own NAVAN business, too.

All I did was simply tell them my story. Things are just that simple here! I’ve started living life again and visualizing my future. I know with the help of NAVAN I’ll be able to meet my goals and also be proud of who I am! I’m so grateful for NAVAN and I am excited to share that not all network marketing companies are the same. It’s so different here!

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Keri W’s Pain is gone!

I have been a runner since I was 12 years old. As an adult, I ran 5k races up to half marathons. Well, that is until 2015. After being seen by three doctors, I was told to never run again and given several surgical options. Going with the less aggressive approach I had the OATS procedure and the privilege of getting donor cartilage added to my knee. I was supposed to have a second procedure to further correct my issue but had so much pain relief that I didn’t bother.

I still occasionally have pain in my knee. Over the counter medications do little to subside the pain and I have no desire to take prescription medications. I’ve tried topical ointments with little to no help. However, when I tried Relieve, my pain was gone within 15-20 minutes of application. I absolutely love it! Now, I grab it as soon as I feel that pain. I may not be able to run again, but I don’t have to endure intermittent pain either. Relieve is a game-changer!

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Lou’s story

NAVAN gave me my life back! All of my life I have been very mobile and physical. As I got older and entered my 60’s all of a sudden things came to a halt. I had pain in my hips and started developing genetic arthritis. On a scale of 1-10, I was always at about a 15! I didn’t want to get out of bed, and I was angry all the time because I just felt MISERABLE. Doctors told me I would need a bilateral hip replacement. When I said no to such a big surgery I was told by my doctor to take three Aleve a day until the pain was unbearable and then consider the surgery. This didn’t sit too well with me either.

I didn’t want to have to take pills every day so I started looking into more homeopathic remedies. I started doing research on alternative products. About a year ago, I started looking into CBD. So many companies had a lot of hype and I tried them all. Most of them didn’t work, some did, but I was only able to get a little bit of relief. I felt like my whole life had stopped, and I wanted it back.

Lou continued, then, on January 25th, a friend told me about NAVAN. A few days after my wife and I enrolled and started using the Daily Detox, Restore and CBD, I started feeling so much better. About three days after I had been taking the products, I walked out of the bathroom and without even thinking about it, I bent over to pet the dog. I hadn’t done that in so long and I did it without pain! I’ve been on the [NAVAN] products for a few weeks now, and I’m about 95% back to my normal self again. No more excruciating aches and pains – I haven’t felt this good since before I turned 60! And, more importantly, my wife loves that I’m not angry any more because I’m no longer in pain.

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Rachel – in her own words

Rachel, her fiancé, and their four children live in New York. With a master’s degree in anthropology, Rachel always thought she’d be an archaeologist but told us…

I realized I had a passion for serving people and for training. You can’t really do that in anthropology. So I started working as a regional trainer in retail sales. It’s gotten to a place where I seem to be working just to work. Not working to thrive! I have missed so many birthdays and life events because I was always working. I grew up with an amazing father but I watched him do the same thing. He was always working.

Rachel continued…

Recently my 11-year-old daughter asked me if she could quit her music lessons or gymnastics classes so she could have more time with me because she never gets to see me enough. It put things into perspective in a big way. I want to be present but not on a video chat. I know this was God’s way of working through my daughter, to help me see where I needed to be.

A close friend told me about NAVAN. I discussed things with my fiancé and we decided to go for it! Shortly after I said yes to NAVAN, COVID-19 forced me to put my entire staff on furlough. So many have said they aren’t sure how they can afford things they need now like medications and food. It was the reminder I needed to tell more people about NAVAN. My children would want me to share NAVAN with people who need hope for their future.

Last month Rachel was diagnosed with COVID-19, she has lupus and is immune-compromised. However, she pushed through and was able to advance her business even though her health wasn’t at its best. Rachel went on to tell us…

NAVAN’s products helped me feel better, and when I needed to push through, I would look up at my wall where we have our family photo and remind myself I’m doing this for them! I’m doing this so my kids can have a better mom, my fiancé can have a better spouse and I can be the best leader I can be with my growing NAVAN team.

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Natalie’s place to call home

Natalie, and her husband Will, live in Charlotte, NC with their three children. Natalie’s husband recently retired from the military , and she has worked in network marketing for the last several years. Natalie said she always saw the benefits in the industry and worked with a few companies over the years. She has earned significant income, won trips and received many recognitions and awards.

However, she told us…

While I’m so grateful for everything over the last few years, I felt something was always missing. I never found a company with people who aligned with my beliefs. And the people you surround yourself with is what should make this industry so amazing. I found myself in a broken place with lots of self-doubts. Then, a friend who wouldn’t let me give up on myself showed me NAVAN. Finally, a place where the founder’s vision and beliefs resonated with my own! A company based on biblical principles, where the field is appreciated and treated right.

I knew NAVAN was going to create a movement and it was one I wanted to have the pleasure to be a part of! That is still what resonates with me and what resonates with everyone I talk to about NAVAN. So many like myself, are broken and have anxiety or PTSD after being hurt in this industry. We now have a place to call home. So bring me all the broken people, that’s who we are building our foundation with. We are bringing positive change because one thing we can all agree on is this industry needed it!

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Emmett’s hope restored

The following are Facebook posts of fellow Navan members and distributors relating their unique stories to the Navan testimonial coordinators. There is no photo of Emmett Z., due to the fact that the picture provided could not be properly formatted to suit the layout of this page like the other pictures published here.

Emmett, his two daughters, and stepson live in Marysville, PA. Just over a year ago, Emmett’s wife lost her battle with breast cancer. During her battle, Emmett said he poured everything he had into taking care of her. He told us, “Until the day she took her last breath I never gave up hope.”

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