Rare find

Possessing the only one of any valuable item in the world places the owner of that item in a unique and enviable position from which s/he can dictate the terms and conditions of its availability and/or use. In most cases that owner will be in a position to attain untold wealth unless s/he consents to share the item in a charitable way.

Navan’s distributors have been given access to the only one of a specific commodity which is the embodiment of, and solution to, total rejuvenation of a healthy human body through full detoxification (gut, joints, brain and organs) making way for restoration of the body’s essential nutrients which is achieved by another of Navan’s proprietary products.

Distributors are asked in return to help spread the word about this commodity to the rest of the world. One of Navan’s greatest attributes is the potential for every member distributor associated with it to earn money so that they can work with confidence, knowing that Navan will cut a check – or make a direct deposit – every week to those who share the Navan product line with others who it can benefit from using the products as so many others do!

A need to make money

So many people go to business school with the intention of learning how to earn $220,000 per month and achieve top 1% earning status in their respective field, city or state? And in many cases whether or not they accomplish their goals might just be irrelevant when viewed from the standpoint of put-in-get-out reward system; after all, it is not the college’s fault when any of its students fails to achieve his/her financial goals. On the other hand the potential to earn $220,000/month as a Navan distributor is real because the company has something very, very special to offer potential distributors whether they are college graduates or not.

The potential to earn a lot of money is an offer Navan makes to all comers! Any person accepting this offer is also a customer. Ergo, all Navan distributors are also Navan customers, resulting in a lot of buyers (customers) & a lot of sellers (distributors) all of whom benefit in both ways – great physical health, enviable financial well-being. Look at our phenomenal industry statistics produced by the World Federation of Direct Selling Association (WFDSA) as of JUNE 1, 2019.

A debt-free company with considerable room still available on the ground floor gives every Navan distributor the greatest confidence in what founder & CEO, Trey Knight, has created in this company named for its unique approach to creating health-rejuvenating dietary supplements, a confidence that is enhanced by the value and timing of the seats each distributor is sitting In!

Navan solution

In view of the above, it is important to note that, when you possess a solution of significant value which embodies natural health-rejuvenating properties that benefits humanity unlike anything else in the entire world, you find a hilltop and yell to the top of your lungs so all the world can hear. Such is the importance of, and the truth about, the very item that we have committed to sharing with you.

The only micronized zeolite-clinoptilolite product that “is considered to be completely safe and non-toxic for oral administration in humans and animals. this includes infants, children, pregnant women, and nursing mothers. Studies have also been conducted in feed animals and companion animals, including: dogs, cats, horses and birds.”

The micronization and activation processes make Daily Detox Plus (DDP) a unique and superior product. These processes ensure DDP is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream to immediately begin reducing “body Burden” – the body’s overload of environmental toxins.

Joining us would enable you to help us educate the world about this commodity.