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Concept and design

Researchers at this institution are truly on to something that could turn out to be the biggest and most important factor for improving our health this century.

Covering all aspects of good health.

Cover both sides of the good-health debate!

These two guys present a perspective of our business that eclipses most others. So I invite you to take a look and see what I mean… I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

First and foremost I wish to express thanks and appreciation to you for your visit to this website which was conceived, designed and created to bring you information related to physical health and financial well-being. As a token of our appreciation we hope you will accept this mini-ebook titled, Construct of a Success Formula which we hope you enjoy reading as mush as we enjoyed writing.

Dear reader, if you are in search of credible information relating to discomfort due to physical pain, or find yourself in an uncomfortable situation due to financial pain it is my privilege to let you know that I found the remedy to both kinds of pain. And while I am neither a doctor or a banker you can be assured that my experiences with both types of pain have been many, some of which were severe on occasion; but I was fortunate enough to be in what I consider “the right place at the right time” in March 2019, when I was introduced to a gentleman who provided me a pathway to membership in a network of community-minded business people where I found the right combination of pain remedy and financial opportunity.

I am delighted because of my association with this network which has among its membership some of the most principled and down-to-earth individuals I’ve met in my entire life. That’s a profound statement for me to make, but it is a true and honest utterance of that meeting and the resulting relationships that remain very strong today, and will be cherished by me for years to come – if not as long as I live – because of what it has helped me to accomplish in both areas. As importantly is the fact that, if I could find such effective and lasting remedies through this network, so can anyone else. In other words, if I can do it so can you.

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The experience

Before my involvement with the network, I had been experiencing sharp pangs of pain as well as burning and numbness (symptoms I believe to be those of a neuropathy sufferer) in my left thigh for over two years. The pain made it difficult to walk or stand at times, and caused me many sleepless nights; but since I began using a cream known as, “Relieve,” made available through the network my pain has been greatly reduced. Now I walk without difficulty and I have no trouble standing or sleeping at night. As a result of such an excellent and satisfactory remedy I decided to use a portion of my retirement income to invest in the company that made the Relieve cream available to me and I learned even more.

Part of that education was about the company’s compensation plan and what I needed to do in order to recover my investment as well as earning an income that would equal or surpass my retirement income. The pace at which my investment would be recouped was staggering: Share my good fortune with three people (friends, relatives, associates, co-workers, etc.) and if 3 of them joined in the same week – Monday to Sunday – the company would pay the equivalent of triple my investment whereas payment is a combination of Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB), Team Commission (TC) and Rank Advancement Bonus (RAB). I really could not believe it, but learned that it was absolutely true and real when the company announced payments to individuals who had earned such payments. It is simply awesome!

This short video provides a little insight into the company’s mission, what it’s really all about. So go ahead and take a look.

Can't go wrong when the science is right.

scientifically. healthily. financially.

Why I joined

The last thing I will say at this time is further proof of how serious, real and honest this network’s leadership is; and it has to do with the distribution of compensation. On Saturday, December 14th 2019, the company released its weekly report showing that 72 individuals received varying amounts of bonuses, commissions and other payments (they are 4 different ways members receive payments). Yes, the company pays real money every week to those who earned it. There is no waiting except for the RAB which is paid twice monthly. During my professional career – Real Estate Agency owner and Sr. Vice President of a Mortgage Lending company – I seldom came into contact with individuals, companies or problem solvers such as the folks at this company. It is truly the company that puts you (us) first!

I joined the network because one of the products offered by the company eased the burning pain in my left thigh and still continues to provide relief up to now. When I joined the network there was really no talk about a pandemic, covid-19 or any other kind outbreak or disease of the kind we are now faced with; and I did not realize what a blessing membership in this network was going to be for me and my family because it gave me an opportunity to earn extra money at a time when many others are being laid off and forced to claim unemployment. For this we thank God every day!

At the time of this writing ‚ÄčI had just returned to my PC after attending one of the two webinar presentations the network company provides on a weekly basis; one to keep us up to date with what’s going on in the organization and the other to train new members. I’m inviting you to this training event so you can get a first-hand account of why the network has grown by 6,000 members at a time when over 10 million people have filed for unemployment compensation. These days most people have more time to do the things they could not do before, and I hope you will be able to spare half hour of your time to learn whether or not you could benefit from being a network member and company distributor as I am. Just click this link Thursday evening at 9:00 PM to get the information you need. You never know, right?

The Greatest Pleasure
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universally spoken language of happiness!

In a number of different ways what I have experienced as a member of our network can be summed up in this well-known and profound statement by ancient Greek philosopher, Epicurus: “…the best activities are those that produce the greatest pleasures and the greatest pleasures are those that relieve the most pain and anxiety, those pleasures that are most conducive to peace of mind or [tranquility].” The opportunity is yours to accept. The objectives are real and the journey is rewarding! We invite you to take a look at the community, the opportunity and the rewards for yourself. Welcome!


Health-related Supplemental Income Wealth-building

The Two-Week ROI

Starting up

Product list

access a more complete product list

Starting a business has traditionally been an expensive proposition. I remember when I, along with a partner, started a real estate agency in New York back in 1985 and each of us had to borrow $20,000 against our home for a total of $40,000 to cover start-up costs, office furniture & equipment as well as office rental and contingency costs to pay for the first few months of expenses until the business started to produce income.

Fast forward to September 2020 I just went to the SBA (Small Business Administration) website and looked at some of the advise being offered to prospective business owners about the cost of starting a business in today’s economy. What I found was a worksheet reflecting estimated costs of starting a pizza shop. The estimated costs just to open the pizzeria doors was $9,850 and the monthly expense budget was estimated at $9,125.

Back in 1985 neither I or my partner expected to get a return on our investment within the first 6 months and that did not happen, but we expected to break even during that period and that did not happen either – although our break-even point came a few months later (about 9 months instead). Admittedly I am not very familiar with the pizzeria business so I can only guesstimate how long it would take for the owner of that type of business to break even. However, in neither case would that break-even point be within the same week or even 2 weeks and that is the point of this article.

Ready to go!

Getting ready to make way!


Since 1985 and the advent of a new generation of leadership as well as the Web, which has sped up sales and marketing activity, break-even and ROI scenarios have changed. That is because new leadership and a new philosophical approach merged with an established, proven, re-imagined business model to present an opportunity for business-minded individuals to start a business (distributorship) with an investment as low as $995 and recoup that initial investment in as short a period as 2 weeks if not sooner. We guarantee it when you follow the plan.

These simple steps include features of your business and how you can get started. They include your potential earnings and a graphic of the product list without the skin care products which are available at the link under the product list graphic. This is an actual copy of the potential income your business can generate, and here is where you can get started by clicking the teal-colored “JOIN NOW” button. Thank you, hope to see you soon and good luck signing up!

During my many years in real estate sales and mortgage financing the one thing that was always expected of me from my clients and customers was to tell them the truth, whether that truth satisfied their…