The Two-Week ROI

Starting up

Starting a business has traditionally been an expensive proposition. I remember when I, along with a partner, started a real estate agency in New York back in 1985 and each of us had to borrow $20,000 against our home for a total of $40,000 to cover start-up costs, office furniture & equipment as well as office rental and contingency costs to pay for the first few months of expenses until the business started to generate income.

Fast forward to September 2020 when I visited the SBA (Small Business Administration) website and looked at some of the advise being offered to prospective business owners about the cost of starting a business in today’s economy. What I found was a worksheet reflecting estimated costs of starting a pizza shop. The estimated costs just to open the pizzeria doors was $9,850 and the monthly expense budget was estimated at $9,125.

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Back in 1985 neither I or my partner expected to get a return on our investment within the first 6 months and that did not happen, but we expected to break even during that period and that did not happen either – although our break-even point came a few months later (about 9 months instead). Admittedly I am not very familiar with the pizzeria business so I can only guesstimate how long it would take for the owner of that type of business to break even. However, in neither case would that break-even point be within the same week or even 2 weeks and that is the point of this article.

Ready to go!

Since 1985 and the advent of a new generation of leadership as well as the Web, which has sped up sales and marketing activity, break-even and ROI scenarios have changed. That is because new leadership and a new philosophical approach merged with an established, proven, re-imagined business model to present an opportunity for business-minded individuals to start a business (distributorship) with an investment as low as $995 and recoup that initial investment in as short a period as 2 weeks if not sooner. We guarantee it when you follow the plan.

These simple steps include features of your business and how you can get started. They include your potential earnings and a graphic of the product list without the skin care products which are available at the link under the product list graphic. This is an actual copy of the potential income your business can generate, and here is where you can get started by clicking the teal-colored “JOIN NOW” button. Thank you, hope to see you soon and good luck signing up!

During my many years in real estate sales and mortgage financing the one thing that was always expected of me from my clients and customers was to tell them the truth, whether that truth satisfied their… Read more

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