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Trust[1] is defined as “reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.”

It must also be taken into consideration that for someone or something to be trustful or trustworthy s/he or it need not encompass all the above attributes since a rock can be relied upon to do what a rock does (nothing), and truth is only an abstract characteristic when referring to a rock. Truth that it exists. On the other hand, every being is endowed at birth with certain attributes and we each learn to identify the purpose, effective use and importance of each attribute as well as when and where we can derive maximum benefit from it.

We learn from our parents, teachers and peers what it means to be reliable; we learn why telling the truth is a big part of being reliable; and we learn that not telling the truth is considered either a disability or a liability instead of an ability, in which case our strength of character is severely weaken thereby damaging our trustworthiness if we allow ourselves to fall into the “pitholes”[2] which lie in our paths to adulthood. But for those who discover early in life that the full compliment of trust – as defined above – is an asset which must be safeguarded and cherished, the pendulum of righteousness often swings favorably.

In addition to the rock and the individual mentioned above there is a third entity identified in several ways. We know such entity as a business, company or corporation and at times one entity can be described by any or all of the 3 descriptors simultaneously; and what is also true about this kind of entity is the fact that it often encompasses both the rock (edifice, office building, factory, etc.) as well as the individual; but such an entity must rely on the individual for its existence even if the rock is not present, available or needed. What is undeniable in this instance is the element of trust as one of the components of truth.


Revenue[3] is defined as “the total income produced by a given source; the gross income returned by an investment.”

Our organization is networking in nature, which is to say that we share good and beneficial things – in this case dietary supplement products – with each other in the same way a family shares with one another. We also share the opportunity to earn some extra money – or a lot of extra money – with our friends, family, associates and other individuals who may demonstrate a need for either our dietary supplement products, the opportunity or both.

The line of dietary supplements we share consists of Daily Detox Plus, a zeolite-clinoptilolite detox solution which is described as “a natural detoxifier made with micronized zeolite that cleanses impurities and heavy metals from the body”[4] or, put another way, to get rid of those bad substances and make way for the good nutrition. Descriptions of other products we share can be found in the footer section of this website under the heading, “Factsheets.” They include: Dream, Restore, Bath-bombs, Gummies, Relieve, Renew, Tincture and Regen-X.

The opportunity we share is a distributorship pursuant to which you will be compensated for your work, time and effort for helping interested individuals join our networking family and/or helping those who need the product acquire it. That compensation is made in four different ways when you become a distributor, as follows:

  • You Get a 25% Customer Acquisition Bonus of the Price Paid for a Sign-up Pack When Your Invitee signs Up!
  • You Get a 50% Customer Acquisition Bonus of the Price Paid for Sign-up Packs When 2 or More of Your Invitees Purchase a Mid-level Pack During the Same One Week Period (Monday 12:01 AM – Sunday 11:59 PM)!
  • You Get a Monthly Team Commission of $100.00 as a Manager and it Increases to $250.00, $750.00, $1,700.00, $4,000.00, $8,000.00, $15,000.00 all the way up to $220,000.00 When You Advance!
  • You Get a Rank Advancement Bonus of $100.00* as a Manager and it Increases to $300.00**, $1,000.00, $2,000.00, $4,000.00, $8,000.00, $15,000.00 all the way up to $200,000.00
  • You Get a Retail Sales Commission of 20% of Every Product Your Customer Purchases at Retail Price Through Your Link or at a Face-to-Face Meeting!

That’s the Compensation Plan as evidenced by this video illustration. There is nothing hidden. Just full transparency!


Utility[5] is defined as, “fitness for some purpose or worth to some end; something useful or designed for use.”

If it were left up to me I would choose these same 3 words to describe our networking family; because its usefulness implicit in the the guiding principles expresses all the reasons for being, relative to all those who rely on it for monetary gain and health improvement benefits. Those guiding principles are as follows:

  1. Community is Our Culture!
  2. Positively Impact Every Person We Reach!
  3. People – and Their Success – Are Our First Priority!
  4. What We Say Is What We do!

It is important to point out that having a set of guiding principles is an important first step when establishing and developing a company, but in order for that company to be considered credible in the eyes of those who patronize it, those principles by which it is guided must ultimately be adhered to in word and in deed. It is only through such demonstration of “putting your money where your mouth is” that patrons and supporters begin to take notice of the serious commitment to an ideal or set of principles. In the case of our own network company, this statement by the founder at a recent webinar set forth that commitment: “Our company founders and corporate team members hold a deep sense of responsibility to create a sustainable company. One that is Ethical and Trustworthy.”

Another important aspect of an organization’s utility lies in how it has impacted people’s lives, for better or worse, as related by the people themselves through testimonials, referrals and recommendations; or criticism, complaints and lawsuits. Companies experiencing the first 3 types of feedback have a tendency to thrive and be successful, while those entities that are subjected to the latter 3 tend to suffer loss in many different categories – public trust, patronage and revenue – thereby paving the way for its eventual demise. The networking company to which I have referred throughout this article have been on the receiving end of many positive testimonials, some of which have been made available here for your viewing.


Timing[6] is defined as “the ability to select the precise moment for doing something for optimum effect.”

Do you have a reasonably good grasp on timing? If you make good choices and you have good judgement in personal matters then maybe your grasp on timing is pretty good, even if you don’t control when a particular thing should be done; but timing, when measured by what is required to start a business, becomes a bit more complicated because there are a number of variables that must be taken into consideration. Variables like supply and demand, legalities, investment capital, capitalization, market trends and projections – both long-term and short-term – plus a few more elements that may be included in a comprehensive feasibility report.

Even with a well written business plan in hand the prospective business owner is not assured of owning and operating a successful enterprise because the product or service s/he brings to market may not sufficiently meet an existing need (demand) and it may not be strong enough to create one; but assuming the best conditions exist and the new business meets all other qualifications the timing must still be right in order for that business to succeed. A skilled estimator of good timing as it relates to starting a business must embody all the components of a comprehensive feasibility report, but s/he must also be able to read market indicators and consumer sentiment as well as supply and demand trends.

That having been said, what if you could start a business today with all those requirements having already been met? Someone, say a wealthy godfather, had already spent the time needed to conduct research; to read market indicators and study consumer sentiment as well as supply-demand trends? What if that wealthy godfather had already spent the money to have comprehensive feasibility studies done; to make the investments necessary to capitalize the business and to create an “in-demand” product which has already been analyzed and made ready for market? What if everything is already in place for you to start your own business and all you need to do is decide? What if you know for a fact that the timing is, indeed, right to involve yourself with this business because over 6,000 other folks have already done so and – according to this credible report – sales of your product is projected to reach $20 Billion in 4 short years?


Health[7] is defined as, “the condition of being sound in body, mind, or spirit; freedom from physical disease or pain.”

Foremost among those things we most desire as human beings is to be in good health – to be healthy – and once we are assured of that, we want everything we love and cherish (family, friends, pets, etc.) to be healthy as well; and that which is within our control (home, auto, business,etc.) we seek to make sure these things are in good condition. We also tend to discuss many of the things around us in terms of health; including plant life, animal life, soil, a business, attitudes, growth-rates and so on.

For the purpose of this conversation, however, let us focus on the health of humans and that of businesses, as one – human health – is determined by nutrition, exercise and medical attention when needed; and the other is measured by sales, profit and growth. Central to maintaining good human health is a strong immune system and, if we believe that to be true, it would seem that in order to continue in good health our primary objective is clear: do everything possible to keep our immune system strong. This entails adhering to proper diet and nutrition, regular exercise and avoiding the consumption of germs, poisons and other substances that could weaken the immune system while degrading our health.

A similar argument can be made for keeping our businesses strong except, in this case, instead of an immune system to keep strong we must establish and implement sound accounting principles and maintain a healthy balance sheet, while driving up profits and reducing liabilities. This is easier said than done, since unexpected occurrence(s) like changes in the marketplace, higher cost of raw materials, increased debt (loans, equipment, insurance costs, etc.) and increased competition can potentially weaken performance while degrading the overall health of your business. But what if…


What if you found yourself in the right place at the right time? And as a result of such good fortune, you were offered the opportunity of a lifetime? What if that opportunity entailed access to a proven method to keep your immune system strong while operating a small business in which the only requirement was to share the immune-enhancing solution plus a few other supplements? What if you learned that the company with which you were invited to associate yourself is debt-free and therefore would be around for the long haul? What if your task of sharing a business opportunity comes with the promise of attaining your most desirous lifestyle? What if your only investment to start this business was less than $1,000.00 which included the cost of supplements you need anyway as well as your license to distribute those supplements?

Well, in all honesty, it’s more than just “What if?!” It’s real. It’s factual. The truth is:

  • This organization and its leadership are among the most trustworthy I have had the privilege to work with over the last 40 years!
  • More than 50% of the revenue taken in by the company is paid back to distributors in the form of compensation!
  • This organization plays an essential role in the lives of its members!
  • The creation of this company and growing of the organization with this line of products could not be better timed!
  • It’s all about great health enhanced by the use of products designed for that purpose!
  • The process is simple:
    1. Become a member;
    2. Watch “The Play” video;
    3. Learn how to run The Play
    4. Help others to do the same.
  • It’s that simple and That’s the Rock Solid Truth!


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* Within the first 30 days.
** Within the first 60 days.

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