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If I said that my reason for creating this website and writing the articles contained in it is for one purpose only and that is to help you, it might sound a little (or a lot?) phony for the simple reason that most people in today’s world would not take their time, money and energy just to help someone else without looking for something in return. But if you believe – as I do – that salvation, in and of itself, is enough of a reason to help others in the same way that you would want to be helped with something of value which you did not have access to, then my reasoning probably won’t sound too phony to you; but would signify that holding such a belief would mean that you are not in the category of “most people.”

The online dictionary defines salvation in three ways:

  1. It is a noun meaning, preservation or deliverance from harm, ruin, or loss; or
  2. A source or means of being saved from harm, ruin, or loss; or
  3. Theologically, deliverance from sin and its consequences, believed by Christians to be brought about by faith in Christ.

In the book titled, Salvation: Black People and Love, written by Bell Hooks, Salvation is described as “…work that helps us heal — and shows us how to create beloved American communities…”

When stars align

In view of the above one could surmise that salvation is something which should be afforded to us all at those times during our lives that it is most needed; but unfortunately many of us are unaware of where to seek such deliverance from harm as it relates to our health, or ruin/loss as it relates to our financial well-being; and although in a place such as our free enterprise American society physical health and financial well-being are inextricably linked it is certainly true that one is often valued more than the other in a way that is often detrimental to the neglected one.

That having been said I am confident in saying that enhanced physical health and financial well-being can be attained simultaneously as long as all the elements and components are in place at a particular time and location affording accessibility to every individual who yearns for the opportunity to find his/her salvation through association with such an entity. To that end I would like to share with you a story about how I found my salvation through my association with one uniquely suited entity that rises to those lofty ideals.

Make way for the good!

embracing a bright future!

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About Us

Tony Phillips is an independent distributor for the NAVAN Global line of dietary supplements which includes Daily Detox, a natural detoxifier made with micronized zeolite that cleanses toxins, heavy metals, and other impurities from the body. Daily Detox is water soluble which enables it to penetrate the cell membrane and get transported to all parts of the human body via the bloodstream for a complete detoxification.

Tony’s Why!

During the period from about January 15th to April 15th (peak tax season) Tony is a Professional Tax Preparer with the Liberty Tax Service Garden City office, so while tax return preparation is his vocation, distributing Navan’s line of dietary supplements is his passion. Why? Because Navan’s Good Relieve Anti-Inflammatory Cream is the ONLY product that has eased the discomfort of burning, numbness and nerve pain (neuropathy-like symptoms) he felt prior to embracing the company and such wonderful relief he gets from this soothing cream.

Not only does Tony use the products every day, his wife uses Navan’s Good Renew Moisturizing Lotion as well as Navan’s Good Bath Bombs Tranquility Pack, and they both enjoy Navan’s great-tasting Good Premium CBD Gummies.

Please note that the THC has been removed from ALL Navan’s CBD products!

I was fortunate to come across this BDS Analytics White Paper, The Global Cannabinoids Market: Will CBD Overtake THC, during my research and I think you may find it as compelling a report as I did. You can download the free white paper here!

This Brian Tracy quote is one that Tony has repeated in his profile language on a number of Web-based affiliations:

Self-discipline is its own reward. Not only does it pay off in terms of greater self-esteem and a more positive mental attitude, but it pays off throughout your life in terms of the goals that you achieve and the success that you attain in everything you do.

Self-discipline is a skill and a habit that can be learned by practice. Every time you practice a little self-discipline, you become stronger and stronger. Bit by bit, you become more capable of even greater disciplines.

As you become a totally self-disciplined individual, your entire future opens up in front of you like a broad highway. Everything becomes possible for you and your future becomes unlimited.

You may ask, why? Why does Tony continue to feature this particular quote? Because It is his North Star, his “beacon of inspiration” to be the most self-disciplined individual he can be for all the reasons mentioned in the quote.

Free Tax Advice directly from the IRS

How We Got Started

Tony was introduced to Cellis Founder & CEO, Kory Johnson, in early March of 2019 by Kent Elmore, founder of Team United, a group within the Navan network and friend of Mr. Johnson, an individual for whom he has the highest respect. As a result of that introduction Tony was invited to the first business overview meeting held by the newly established company and proceeded to purchase a Promoter’s Kit, thereby joining the company which officially launched on March 15th, 2019 and recently underwent a transformation which resulted in a merger with NAVAN Global, the brand under which Tony now conducts business as an Independent Distributor.

Cleanse and restore!

remove the bad. restore the good!

In conclusion

It is without hesitation, doubt or fear of being perceived as pushy, overbearing or trying to sell something that I share this information with you, because I believe with all my heart that being in the place which I am at this time is nothing short of divinely influenced in the most direct way. So yes, in Navan’s line of dietary supplements – especially my most cherished favorite, Good Relieve Anti-Inflammatory Cream – and my distributor activities, as well as the most down-to-earth leadership and great compensation plan, I have found my salvation. It is my hope that you have found this post helpful. Good luck!


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Hi, I'm Tony, a Web Services Consultant (WSC) based in Savannah, GA; And while most of my professional years were spent in commission sales as a real estate sales associate, real estate broker, mortgage broker and mortgage lender representative in the NY/NJ area, I now manage the online activities and business operations of TPJaveton & Associates, a Web-based entity established at my residence in 2009.

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