Deciding which direction we need to move toward demands that we are aware of where we are at present. We all have different starting points


Making money from a home-based business is a desire shared by millions of people, but only a small percentage manage to make that desire a reality. There are many reasons that most people don’t succeed at such a great way to earn a living, and some of those reasons can be described as impractical. But other reasons have to do with a lack of opportunity, a lack of skills/training or a lack of confidence.


It is said by some that in the corporate world of employment, expectations of returning to work Monday morning at 9:00AM is the phoned-in cause of more illnesses than any other single cause; and returning to the same restricted cubicle, stuck in the same boring routine, constantly watching the clock, and eagerly waiting for it to strike quitting time is the kind of stuck-in-a-rut routine which cultivates the desire to start a home-based business and earn enough money to make a living from home…


…But it is important to understand that, deciding on your destination and drawing up the best road map – one that will get you there in the shortest time with the least complications – require focus, discipline and determination in equal or similar proportions. So take the first step and each subsequent step will become easier than the previous one. Then you will be on your way!

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Would it surprise you to know that they are only seven fundamental skills necessary to build a huge business in Network Marketing? Seven and not 70. Each one is fairly basic, but it always amazes me how little effort people put into learning them. If a college course were to be offered on Network Marketing, it would be one of the easiest classes to take. It’s not rocket science but you’ll be happy to know it’s one of the highest paid skill sets in the world.

The above is an excerpt from Go Pro, a book by Eric Worre, TPN President & Co-founder; Author; Accomplished Trainer.

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