HB-WB Biz Fun

The job

A home-based/Web-based business is completely dependent on you, the biz owner, in the sense that if you achieve success the full compliment of credits is owed to you, and if the venture results in failure you are likewise the one who is entirely responsible and, therefore, deserves any blame that might accompany such failure. So, it is very important that you understand some of the causes of failure. The reasons for failure could be many and lack of motivation may top the list, whether such lack is in the area of your work place, your craft or the tasks associated with your work.

The why

Some who decide to embark on the HB-WB business journey have been previously employed in corporate America doing work at which they excelled and may have been compelled to leave due to a lack of job satisfaction, lack of advancement, lack of recognition, lack of appreciation, lack of sufficient earnings or any number of other reasons; so starting their own HB-WB business presented an opportunity to earn in amounts equal to, or more than, what they were earning on the “lacking” job.


Part of the fun that comes with working in your own HB-WB business is the freedom it affords you, and another part of the fun is accomplishing tasks using your own methods and not those forced upon you by an employer who insists on you doing it his/her way. what can be more fun than grabbing the bull by the horns, getting absorbed into what you do best and completing those tasks on your own terms and timeline? No boss, no egos to contend with, no superficial quotas, no pressure.


of course, it’s important that you enjoy your work – this point cannot be emphasized enough – otherwise the chances of failure will certainly increase proportionate to the lack of passion and/or enjoyment you feel. That having been said, we put together a number of tips which we hope you will find useful in making fun a part of your HB-WB business, no matter the seriousness of your vocation:

  • Divide your work into small chunks;
  • Accomplish each chunk one step at a time;
  • Always remember to set realistic goals that you can achieve satisfactorily;
  • Calculate your efficiency and enjoy what you have achieved at each level. Self realization gives you immense oomph which is very helpful in completing each chunk smoothly;
  • Remember you are doing every thing alone so be passionate about achieving success.

As Mr. Spock would say, “Live long and prosper!” 🙂


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