Next step

At times we find ourselves in a decision-making posture wherein our next thought, word, or step places us on a course toward a destiny that was impossible to determine prior to entertaining that thought, speaking that word, or taking that step. And had we not acted decisively, at the moment we did, the place in time we now find ourselves – looking back at that moment of decision – define us in the most pleasing fashion.


Positive vibes!

Have you ever decided to do something even though you couldn’t scientifically chart the outcome? You just had a good feeling about it, a hunch or kind of intuition that created all kinds of positive vibes in your mind and deep down in your soul. You knew there were no guarantees or assurances that the outcome would be determined in a way that fits – ideally – into an objective you would be happy with once achieved; but you wanted to jump in with both feet, grab the bull by the horns and give it your best shot. Does this sound familiar? Did you do it? You’re happy… and free and fun-loving… and you won’t let anyone dampen your optimism! Keep shining!


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