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The Greatest Pleasure

Concept and design

Cleanse and restore!
Remove the bad, restore the good!

First and foremost I wish to express thanks and appreciation for your visit to this website which was conceived, designed and created with you in mind. That is if you are in search of credible information relating to discomfort due to physical pain, or you are uncomfortable due to financial pain; and while I am neither a doctor or a banker you can be assured that my experiences with both types of pain have been many which, on a few occasions have been severe, but I was fortunate enough to be in what I consider the right place at the right time back in March 2019, at which time I was introduced to a gentleman who provided a pathway into what has become my solution to pain of both kinds.

It is because of my association with some of the greatest, most principled and down-to-earth individuals I met in my entire life – and I’ve been on this Earth of over six decades, so just uttering such a statement is very profound; but it is a true and honest conveyance of that meeting and relationship which is still very strong and will be cherished by me for years to come, if not as long as I live, because of what it has helped me to accomplish in both areas.

The experience

I had been experiencing sharp pangs of pain as well as burning and some numbness (symptoms I believe to be neuropathic in nature) in my left thigh for over two years which made it difficult to walk or stand at times and caused me many sleepless nights; but since I began using a cream known as “Relieve” the discomfort has been greatly reduced. Now I walk without difficulty and I have no trouble standing or sleeping nights. As a result of such an excellent and satisfactory remedy I decided to use a portion of my retirement income to invest in the company that makes the Relieve cream available to me and learned even more.

Part of that education was what I learned about the company’s compensation plan and what I needed to do in order to recover my investment as well as earning an income that would equal or surpass my retirement income. The pace at which my investment would be recouped was staggering: Share my good fortune with three people (friends, relatives, associates, co-workers, etc.) and if they join in the same week – Monday to Sunday – the company will pay the equivalent of triple my investment whereas payment is a combination of Customer Acquisition Bonus (CAB), Team Commission (TC) and Rank Advancement Bonus (RAB). I really could not believe it, but learned that it was absolutely true and real when the company announced payments to individuals who had earned such payments. It is simply awesome!

In conclusion

The last thing I will say at this time is further proof of how serious, real and honest this company’s leadership is; and it has to do with the distribution of compensation. On Saturday, December 14th 2019, the company released its weekly report showing that 72 individuals received varying amounts of bonuses, commissions and other income types. Yes, the company pays real money every week to those who earned it. There is no waiting except for the RAB which is paid twice monthly. During my professional career – Real Estate Agency owner and Sr. Vice President of a Mortgage Lending company – I seldom came into contact with individuals, companies or problem solvers such as those folks at the company to which I refer. It is truly the company that puts you first!

My experience can be summed up in this profound statement by ancient Greek philosopher, Epicurus: “…the best activities are those that produce the greatest pleasures and the greatest pleasures are those that relieve the most pain and anxiety, those pleasures that are most conducive to peace of mind or [tranquility].” You’re invited to take a look for yourself. Good luck!

Make way for the good!
Embracing a bright future!
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The Factual Good

Finding the good

Cleanse and restore!
Remove the bad, restore the good!

Owners, founders, officers and stockholders of companies often extol the virtues of their respective businesses while highlighting the positive features and benefits of those businesses. These attributes are often presented with the best intentions and, for the most part, have been found to be true in the majority of time, but at times are merely words spoken by less reputable sorts who are incapable of supporting their rhetoric with proof or facts.

That having been said, I want to discuss a few facts relating to the things considered good for our health and well-being; but I don’t suggest you to take my word for what is being asserted here. Instead, it would be more satisfying and enlightening for both of us if you do your own fact-checking and agree with what I present as facts or disprove them.

Getting involved

A company with which I am associated encourages us to “Make Way for the Good,” and that statement has been scrutinized by many of the people I work with as well as my family members who, along with a few friends prior to me joining the company, did our own checking prior to taking any steps to become members. The concern most of us voiced in relation to that question is, “what good?”

In other words, what is the “good” being referred to in that statement? In attempting to further analyze the statement and find an answer to this question, the first thing we all had to acknowledge and agree to is the fact that “good” is not “bad” and then proceeded to talk about what the “good” good that statement was referring to.

Make way for the good!
Embracing a bright future!

The second step took us all to the company’s website to determine what was being promoted and we learned that it was health-related, so we surmised that the “good” being referred to in that statement was most likely indicative of a health-related product or a number of such products. Understanding that there were literally millions of health-related products available for sale (some by prescription and some not) we had to figure out what made these products good enough to be placed in the category of the many other health-related products that were considered good by health and medical experts, but we also understood that this effort was going to be very exhaustive, time consuming and difficult; so we had to narrow down the list of health-related products we would be researching.

FDA and the “why”

The narrowing down process helped us to identify the particular category of health-related products this company specialized in and found that dietary supplements was the best description that could be attached to them. Keep in mind that we hadn’t yet joined the company in any serious way or capacity because we hadn’t yet completed our self-imposed research process to determine exactly what “good” meant.

One important thing we did learn was that dietary supplements were not then, and still are not, determined effective (or ineffective) by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before they are marketed, so this presented another challenging question we had to deal with before completing what we had come to label “our company qualification process.” So we were now stuck at, “why?” Why does the FDA not make such determinations about dietary supplements?

While we hadn’t yet got an answer to that question, we were able to ascertain other relevant facts about these products so we will provide that information here and get back to the why later in the article. Here’s what we learned while attempting to determine the “good” of dietary supplements. According to the National Institutes of Health – Office of Dietary Supplements:

Live pain-free!
 The pain-free solution!
The governing law

The majority of adults in the United States take one or more dietary supplements either every day or occasionally. Today’s dietary supplements include vitamins, minerals, herbals and botanicals, amino acids, enzymes, and many other products. Dietary supplements come in a variety of forms: traditional tablets, capsules, and powders, as well as drinks and energy bars. Popular supplements include vitamins D and E; minerals like calcium and iron; herbs such as echinacea and garlic; and specialty products like glucosamine, probiotics, and fish oils.

We considered this information invaluable in our research to determine the viability, credibility and reputation of the company we’d been invited to form an association with. But we were far from the end of our search since we hadn’t even found an answer to our “why” question relating to the non-determinative posture of the FDA as it relates to dietary supplements. So we continued until learning the reason dietary supplements are not required to be subjected to FDA determination in a statement directly from FDA’s website.

The statement reads, “…Whatever their form may be, DSHEA places dietary supplements in a special category under the general umbrella of “foods,” not drugs, and requires that every supplement be labeled a dietary supplement.” DSHEA is an acronym for Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994…”, and it is the law which governs and regulates dietary supplements.

The conclusive answer

So we had our answer to the “why” and could then proceed with the prequalification process, the next step of which required us to study and analyze the type of dietary supplements offered, the ingredients of each, and the benefits which can be derived from each. So we proceeded to do just that by purchasing a package that contained all the company’s products – except one – which we obtained information about via a separate transaction – and began a study of what the products consisted of and how those ingredients caused them to be beneficial. To be continued…